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S/S14 Rome Fashion Week: Ethical Chic from Stella Jean

July 20, 2013

Earlier this month, Rome Fashion Week debuted the Spring/Summer 2014 collections of several talented designers.  Among those was Stella Jean,a young designer of Italian-Haitian lineage who started her fashion career as a model and quickly realized her calling was creating fashion, not just wearing it.

Stella participates in the Ethical Fashion project which promotes social responsibility and ethical consumption to empower impoverished Third World communities.

Her garments are gorgeous on their own, but her use of headwear makes each outfit positively shine.  I would wear most of the Stella Jean outfits I’ve seen, but I’ve posted my favs here.  I love scarves by themselves, but I especially love her use of scarves under hats – that’s been one of my favorite looks for many years and I think Stella Jean pulls it off so elegantly every time she uses it.  Overall, I love how her use of color, texture, pattern, and scale make her models look so mature and powerful.  I could see women across a broad age spectrum clamoring to wear these clothes.

You can see the entire fashion week collection here.  If you like what you see, stop by Stella Jean’s website for more ethical chic!


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