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Jean Paul Gaultier at the DMA – Pure Gallic Genius

November 21, 2011

I went to the Dallas Museum of Art’s Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit yesterday with members of the Dallas Millinery Society and the Dallas Hat Band.  Naturally, I had to plan an outfit and throw together a hat for the event (I was surprised how few others did that).  I’ll post photos of our group on the Dallas Millinery Society’s Facebook page, hopefully this week.

There was also a very nice exhibit next door to the JPG exhibit called African Headwear: Beyond Fashion.  This show is also very worth seeing and ties in to the JPG show since he is very influenced by non-European cultures.

I have to say that the JPG exhibit was one of the best exhibits of any kind that I’ve ever seen, anywhere, ever.  It was so creative, so inspiring, so beautiful, and so odd that I literally had to push back tears at one point.  I resisted the urge many times to jump up and down with glee, and I’m surprised I didn’t pee in my pants from excitement.  I really had to work not to let my exuberance become obnoxiousness (I asked my friends to tell me if I was annoying them, they said I wasn’t.  Most of them were pretty excited about it, too.)  His headwear is amazing, of course, and very prevalent.  If I had seen this show when I was in art school, I probably would have learned millinery back then.

The museum advises that you allow two hours to see the show, but I could’ve stayed there for four hours if we hadn’t had lunch planned after the show.  I will be going back to see it again, though.

Whether you like his designs or not, JPG’s creations are sculpture come to life and when they’re not thought-provoking, they’re simply provoking, which I find wonderful.  He is quintessentially French (so I am biased there, being a bit of a Francophile) and his quirky sense of humor comes across loud and clear.  He’s not subtle very often and some critics complain about that; I think there’s a place for subtlety and a place for outrageous, unfettered joy in creation.  JPG fits into the latter.  I asked the lady at the information desk what JPG was like when he was here in Dallas right before the show opened – I asked specifically if he was fun – and she said he was very fun, funny, genuine and very nice.  How refreshing.  🙂

The way they display the show is humorous and innovative and worth seeing all by itself.

Go see the show while it’s up.  Go see it twice.  Save up for the $125 catalog (which is really a huge coffee-table book).  You will be glad you did.

And now, since only the press were allowed to take photos, here are some pilfered pics from the show.  I haven’t found images yet of two of my favorites, but when I do I’ll try to remember to post them.

this is a mermaid with walkers - I love this piece! he takes something many people look down upon and reveals its inner beauty


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  1. mariacurcicmillinery permalink
    November 22, 2015 10:42 pm

    Love his style!

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