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What is it about Hats? – The Documentary

July 20, 2011

I requested the movie What is it about Hats? A Documentary About People Under the Brim as a birthday gift and wanted to do a semi-review here for you hat lovers.  (I didn’t take enough notes to do a full-fledged review; I was looking at all the hats!)

What is it about Hats?

For a short documentary (around 30 minutes), it’s $20 selling price seems steep (I think the price was closer to $30 when I got mine….)  But, considering the unusual subject matter and the fact that it’s an indie documentary, I still think it was worth it.

It features many prominent milliners and members of the fashion industry from around the United States, including:

  • Ian Dellar
  • Truly Biggs
  • Nicole LeBlanc
  • Lisa Farrell
  • Loreta Corsetti
  • Blythe Savage
  • Kate Pernia
  • Myra Walker
  • Stephanie Davis

The basic format is broken into sections such as “How to Wear a Hat” where they interview people on their opinions about attitude and placement on the head.

Some of my favorite quotes/concepts from the movie:

  • “There is a hat for you.  You just have to find it…and then you have to wear it.”
  • “You have to wear the hat, the hat cannot wear you.  You dn’t want to look too conscious about wearing a hat.”
  • “Caps are not hats!”  (I love that one)
  • When you’re wearing a hat “you look like you are somebody that other people want to know.”
  • “Peoples’ posture changes when wearing a hat.”
  • “A woman that can wear a hat, usually, is an interesting woman.”
  • “My advice to anybody, if you’re single, is to wear a hat!”

The three main things I wish the producers had done differently:

  1. I wish it were longer.  (This one is obvious and I’m sure there were reasons it wasn’t longer, probably budget-related.)
  2. I wish there was more technical info in it.  It would be lovely to have a movie that really goes into how hats are designed and made, and I think it would give more people an appreciation for how technical and how difficult millinery can be.  Maybe they’ll consider a sequel to address this side of millinery.
  3. Interview more men and address that population equally.  The movie almost exclusively featured women, but more men are wearing hats now.  The movie was released in 2006 – maybe it’s time for that sequel.  🙂

Overall, I think if you love hats you’ll find this movie entertaining and sometimes insightful.  Let me know what you think about it if you ever see it!


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