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A Whole New Mind, A Whole New Horizon

June 21, 2011

This post isn’t exactly hat related, but it is about a book you might want to read (and, no, I didn’t get paid to promote this book.)

After sitting on my bookshelf for at least 3 years, my copy of A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink found its way into my hands and heart.  (I must admit that my sister is responsible both for giving me the book and then hounding me until I read it.  What a great sister.  Thank you, Julie!)

The reason she encouraged me (more than once) to read the book?

Because I am a whole-brained person who has found support for my viewpoint to be quite lacking, to say the least, for most of my life.

Written in 2005, the premise of the book is that right-brained and whole-brained people — people who are equal parts left- and right-brained — have been widely disenfranchised and ignored by Western society largely because of a bias on the part of science in favor of left-brained activities.  This scientific viewpoint has failed to recognize that every human uses both parts of the brain to function and each brain hemisphere has its own wisdom to impart, even the right hemisphere.

Dan Pink (about whom I’ve blogged before) has made a very compelling case for the theory that we are entering a new Conceptual Age in which whole-brained people will rule the economy.  We had the Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age, and now, according to Pink, we have already entered the forefront of the Conceptual Age and those who do not adapt will fall behind, possibly for good.

While that last bit is a teensy bit frightening even to me, a whole-brained thinker, the overall concept is fascinating and hopeful.

Pink is not arguing that left-brained thinkers should be banished, just that the time is right for creative types to step to the plate and get our turn at bat (now I’ve got the theme song from The Jeffersons TV show stuck in my head….)  He suggests that the changing global economy has created the primary factors of Abundance, Asia, and Automation which are driving the onset of the Conceptual Age.  The book even provides suggestions for ways to tap into your potential and find a spot for yourself in the new Age.  (Btw, I emailed Dan and asked him if he still stands by his theory six years after publishing the book and he wrote back saying that yes, despite the bad economy, he still sees things headed in the Conceptual direction.)

It’s fascinating stuff and one which, if you’re like me and have been called “weird” your whole life just because you see things a little differently, you should read.

Once you do, you may find yourself referring back to it frequently and buying copies for loved ones.  I also plan to buy an extra copy (used, from, to be eco-friendly) and donate it to my local library (a favorite hobby of mine).

Yes, the book is that good.  Read it today to explore a whole new horizon!


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