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Spring/Summer 2011 – What Inspires You?

January 21, 2011

As each new season approaches, we designers always have to plan ahead.  It’s a tightrope walk, balancing apparel trends which change on an astounding 3-6 month cycle nowadays, and millinery trends, which are much more stable and don’t change as quickly because hats are intended to be relevant for years, not teeny tiny unrealistically short seasons.  (Can you tell I’m not thrilled with how fast trends turn around?  I mean, if you really like a trend, you hardly have time to enjoy it before the industry has moved on!  That’s just wrong.  I think it destroys the joy of fashion.)

Since I come from a fine art background, walking that line between following trends and preserving my identity as an artist has been challenging.  The art world has trends like everything else, but in the art world you blaze your own trail, not follow what another artist thinks is “It” for the moment.

My perspective as a fine artist informs my decisions as a member of the fashion world, which works to my advantage sometimes.  In the spirit of the fine art world, let’s cast off the mantle of trends and find our inner sense of styleLet’s have some fun for a minute and reclaim some of that fashion joy!

(insert diabolical laughter here)

Here are some fashion trends for 2011:

Now, really, it gets comical if you try to piece it all into a coherent picture, right?  I suppose I could take a Twiggy-esque model and put her in leather chaps with a bouffant hair style and crazy bold prints.  Perhaps that would embody the forecasted trends for 2011…?  🙂

Rather than going crazy this season, I’m simplifying things in my studio.  I spent three entire days cleaning, purging, and reorganizing my studio and now I’m applying those goals to my collection.

I’m breaking out.

I’m rebelling.


…inspired by COLOR more than by eras!

Archaic Garden

Despite the crazy trends influenced by bygone eras and diverse geographical regions, the colors of the spring/summer season are beautiful and inspiring — and they encompass almost every color one could want, so the sky’s the limit!

Underwater Variation

My favorites are the colors from Tropical Dramaturgy, with the yellow and teal green combo being my favorite.  I used to love green and yellow together when I was a child and this is a sophisticated twist on that combo.

Tropical Dramaturgy

Enchanted Picnic is fun for spring/summer and makes me feel like traipsing through an English garden in a huge picture brimmed hat with my husband.

Enchanted Picnic

I don’t see why Shadowy Shores is in the mix for spring/summer, but I guess anything goes, right?!

Shadowy Shores

So what is your inspiration for Spring/Summer 2011?  I’d love to hear it!


As always, please feel free to comment on this post below.  If you like what you see here, subscribe to this blog for more great millinery stuff!

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