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We’ve Been Expecting You, Old Friend

October 11, 2010

Millinerium has been predicting for a while that the bowler hat would make a comeback into mainstream fashion and, once again, our instincts have served us well.

the bowler hat is back

Once the everyday wear of gentlemen and commoners (unusual for the early 1900s), it was relegated to historical costume by the mid-twentieth century.  But, as we all know, in fashion everything comes full circle eventually.

This time, however, the vast majority of bowlers are likely to be, as everything else in fashion and commerce, Made in China

It’s a double-edge sword.  The only way a Western Hemisphere company can offer their goods at the price points ubiquitous in the market is to farm production out to Chinese companies.  Sad that they can’t afford to employ a British factory, since they invented the Bowler, but true.

However, it’s also nice that this is yet another step in helping millinery rise once again to prominence among fashionistas.

So, let’s hear from you – would you wear a bowler hat?  I will!

Cloche-Bowler wool felt hat by Millinerium

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