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Philip Treacy Inspires Project Runway

August 26, 2010

So I finally watched last week’s episode of Project Runway (I’ve been a little busy lately revamping my booth space for upcoming shows like The Dallas Flea on September 11, 2010….)  I was thrilled to see that they were featuring hats by Philip Treacy, whose hats have been the subject of my Hat of the Day and Hat of the Week sketches several times.

Though I didn’t agree with everything the judges felt, it was interesting to see how the designers view hats as part of an overall look and I found it interesting that many of them really struggled with the challenge.  I think it brought home to many of them how much personality a hat can have and that you can’t just treat it like an afterthought.  Of course, Mr. Treacy’s hats don’t allow you for one minute to mistake them for afterthoughts!

I was disappointed with the winning outfit from Michael Costello.  I didn’t personally think it complemented the hat as well as Michael Drummond’s did.  I really liked the top that Michael Drummond created for his look and felt it created a beautiful symbiosis between hat and top.  I wasn’t completely sold on his choice of skirt, but it didn’t detract from the overall look.

the winning design by Michael Costello

my favorite design by Michael Drummond

One of the other designs I really liked was Mondo’s fun, freaky, eclectic outfit.  I’ll share a secret:  he won me over when he put a fake mustache on his model!  I LOVE that kind of quirky sense of humor and I really like the risks he’s been taking.  I don’t know if he has what it takes to win Project Runway, but he certainly has what it takes to knock the avant garde fashion scene on it’s derrière.

Mondo's mustachioed model

Mondo's mustachioed model

I also really liked Andy’s design.  I thought it was sleek, contemporary, and chic, just like the hat.  I could totally see someone in London wearing this entire outfit to a royal gala.

Andy's chic design

I wanted to love A.J.’s design but I felt that the neckline was too claustrophobic with the chin strap on the hat butting up against it.  I thought the top of the dress needed to give the hat room to breathe.  Otherwise, I thought it was a cute outfit whose silhouette complemented the hat.

AJ's almost-there design

I was on the fence about Gretchen’s design.  I love that hat and, with time, Gretchen’s outfit would probably grow on me.  I don’t know what I would have designed to go with that hat, but I’m not sure her style is quite what I would match up with Mr. Treacy’s style.  I guess that’s what makes for interesting t.v. viewing!

Gretchen's Beyond Thunderdome outfit

Overall, I was thrilled that hats are getting more mainstream attention, and very happy to see that the larger fashion world is realizing that hats have their place in that world and can really push an outfit to its maximum potential.

Bravo, Project Runway!

Oops, I guess I should say, “Lifetime, Project Runway!” **

(** if you missed that reference, Project Runway used to be on Bravo TV but moved to Lifetime TV this year.)

hee hee hee….

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