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The New Hat Etiquette

August 16, 2010

I spent a great deal of time last week researching hat etiquette for an article I wrote to be published in CSA Bride (California South Asian Bride) Magazine in the next couple of months.  The article addressed not only etiquette, but also answered general questions about hats and headwear for brides and guests alike.

While researching, I realized that I need to list some basic hat etiquette information on my website, but paring down all the info I found into a cohesive unit is a bit more complicated than it seems.  Some of the etiquette for women is contradictory and confusing, and that doesn’t even address the rules for men.

So it’s timely that this article just appeared last week on the Wall Street Journal‘s site chronicling the history of hat etiquette for men and its evolution for current hat-wearers.  While the jury’s still out on “official” hat etiquette (see the surprising opinion from the Emily Post Institute), it appears that the rules have relaxed a bit and allow for the kind of flexibility that the modern era requires of our lifestyles in general.  It’s wonderful that hats are back in vogue enough to be raising these questions; I’m sure the collective will come up with more solid answers as millinery continues to grow.

fedoras are all the rage with men again

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