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Sniping Hat Blocks on Ebay

August 10, 2010

I’ve been buying antique hat blocks on Ebay a lot lately, building my stock so I can make more awesome blocked hats!  The thing with Ebay antiques is that if you find something you want, if you don’t carefully babysit the auction process, you’re likely to lose out by a ridiculous sum like $0.25.  It’s like thrift store shopping except with a time limit.

Yesterday I lost an auction for a wonderful western style crown because I wasn’t home to snipe it.  Sniping is when you wait til the last 20-30 seconds to place your bid so your competitors don’t stand a chance.  It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does and you often walk away with a lower price than if you allowed time for the bids to get out of control.  (I recently watched a complete hat block for a lovely bowler hat (below) sell on Ebay for over $600.00!)  Of course, the problem with sniping is that you have to be available at whatever odd time the item’s auction is ending.  If that’s 2:12 am in your city, then you’ve got some strategizing to do.

bowler hat block

But sometimes you get lucky and win a lot of 3 hat blocks for under $100 thanks to sniping!  Woohoo!  As my winnings are slowly arriving at my doorstep, I just can’t wait to dig in and see what kind of millinery lovelies they inspire me to create!

And as for that crown that I lost yesterday to a sniper, I figure I’ll just have to make one myself.  I’ve saved photos of it so I can sculpt it when I have time.  Stay tuned for more adventures in blocking….

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