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What’s the story?

July 24, 2010

Everything that I read indicates that part of good marketing is to tell your story. is constantly telling sellers how important it is to write a product description with a good story.  Apparently, good stories, told well, help to engage potential clients and let them know a little about the maker of that product; uninteresting descriptions supposedly turn people away.  I understand this theory, I do.  It sounds like it makes sense and maybe it’s really true….

So I bought a pre-owned electric tea kettle from a woman off of Craigslist this morning.  It was cheap (yay!) and used (yay! less waste in the landfill), it doesn’t have an auto-shutoff feature (yay! I don’t want that when I’m trying to steam part of a hat), it works beautifully, and saved me even more pointless research comparing one new brand of tea kettle to another. 

I went to her house, paid her the money, shook her little boy’s hand (he left his cereal at the breakfast table to come greet me with a polite handshake – too cute!), and brought the tea kettle to its new home in my studio.  Here’s the puzzling part.  When I told her what I planned to use it for, she not only seemed nonplussed, she actually sounded a little weirded out, like she was thinking, “Why is this freak telling me this??”

The only reason I told her was because I thought it was an interesting story.  I wasn’t trying to get a new client, I didn’t give her a business card, I don’t plan to contact her again (I’m not a stalker).  I just figured if the roles were reversed, I know I would find it fascinating 1) to meet a milliner (we’re a rare breed), and 2) to find out that my former tea kettle would aid in the creation of many lovely new hats. 

Now that’s a link in the chain of a good story, is it not?  Hey, I should probably write it in the description of the hats I make using my new (to me) magic tea kettle!

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