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Marion Cotillard Vogues sans chapeaux amidst the Fashion Conspiracy

July 9, 2010


The July issue of Vogue (English language version) has actress Marion Cotillard as the cover story and model.  The photo spread inside is breathtaking, as Cotillard demonstrates a classic beauty with just enough edge to make her modern.  The article mentions her love of hats several times – the opening line of the article is, “Marion Cotillard’s little black hat grazes the low ceiling…,” then mid-way through the article Marion is wearing “another little man’s hat,” and later the article describes a chair in her home which contains “37 small men’s hats…piled on a chair.”  Now why, after multiple indications of Ms. Cotillard’s affinity for hat wearing, wouldn’t the photo spread include some – even ONE – photos of her in a hat??

I propose it is for the same reason that the article on page 148 entitled The Bright Side completely ignores hats as an accessory.  The Bright Side is supposed to feature “accessories loaded with character,” yet it only shows shoes, purses, and jewelry.  Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that hats have LOADS of character and should be featured every time an article or photo shoot about accessories is published, yet hats remain the red-headed stepchild of the fashion world.  Why is that?  I honestly have no idea.  Perhaps it’s just because fashion is out of the habit of thinking about head accessories other than fascinators.  But if shoes can command so much attention (granted, these fabulous Yves Saint Laurent cage heels are well worth the attention), why not hats?  Maybe it’s a fashion conspiracy….

In honor of Ms. Cotillard, I present these photos from other shoots showing how lovely she looks in chapeaux!

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