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Julie & Julia / Hat of the Week Sketch – chef’s hats!

June 17, 2010

I finally got around to watching the movie Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams and, though I don’t know how historically accurate it was, I really enjoyed it.  (I’m assuming it was fairly accurate.)

First, I have to say that I was surprised to learn that Julia Child tried millinery classes before she found her great passion in cooking.  Second, I was inspired to watch the movie’s account of Julia’s path to becoming one of the greatest and well-loved chefs in the world.  It showed her enthusiastic bursts of energy, her occasional breakdowns when things didn’t seem to be moving in the direction she wanted, and her utter surprise to find that people really wanted what she had to offer.  As an artist, I find her entire journey very moving and it reinvigorated my desire to get back into my studio and work on hats.

My original plan for today’s blog post:  find photos online of Julia Child in a hat that she wore personally and draw it, but I couldn’t find one photo online of her in a hat!  Maybe the millinery classes turned her off to hat wearing, despite the movie’s portrayal of her wearing hats with her outfits….

Instead, I decided to feature chef’s hats in today’s Hat of the Week.  Aside from finding an assortment of shapes for chef’s hats (and having been asked in the past if I make chef’s hats), I wanted to honor the working hats of the world, especially those that do their thing with flair.  I don’t claim to be an expert on the mechanics of chef’s hats, but from what I can tell they serve both to keep hair out of the chef’s way and out of the food, plus they must do a decent job of absorbing sweat (chefs work hard in those hot kitchens!)  I think the attitude and authority chef’s hats exude is also fascinating, especially coming from such simple designs.

So today’s sketch features three nameless, but not forgotten, chef’s hat styles, plus one chef’s hat designed by our beloved Lilly Daché from 1938.  Let’s celebrate the hard working hats of the world with a toast – Bon Appetit!

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four hard-working chef's hats

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