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Seth Aaron Henderson, a Buoy to Millinery’s Future?

April 24, 2010

I don’t have time to do today’s HOTD because I’m getting ready for a show tomorrow, but I have to say congrats to Seth Aaron Henderson for winning Project Runway Season 7!  Not only did I peg him for a finalist from the get-go (wasn’t it obvious to all of us he would make it to the final three, if not win??), but I was especially excited to see how frequently he used millinery in his designs.

I believe hats will continue to play an important role in Seth Aaron’s overall design sense going forward, and I’m hopeful that his upcoming prominence in the fashion world, and his love of hats, will focus a little extra light on the millinery industry.  I would love to see him collaborate with today’s eminent hatters to create some true show-stopping designs, wouldn’t you?

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Seth Aaron Henderson's Harlem-inspired collaboration topped off by a beret

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