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Working in our Organic Yard / Hat of the Day Sketch – Wavy Brimmed Straw Hat, August 1901

April 19, 2010

I spent the first half of today capitalizing on the recent rain we had by laying new sod in our front yard (finally!) before it gets too hot to do so (which, in Texas, is likely to happen within the week).

I put down St. Augustine sod and hope it will take over quickly.  The guy at the store where I bought the sod said that outside of Texas, St. Augustine is considered a weed; I don’t know if that’s true but I sure hope it takes over like a weed!  I’m tired of mowing dandelions and dirt instead of grass.  Our yard is all organic and we don’t water it all the time or use chemical fertilizers like our neighbors, so the yuck grass that came with the house has all but given up the ghost and is overtaken with weeds.  I’ve harvested dandelion greens and eaten them before – they’re very good for you if they’re organically grown, as they clean the blood of toxins.  However, I’d rather grow edible dandelions inside and not have to worry about the weeds out front.

The St. Augustine apparently grows in sun or shade (yay!), doesn’t require watering once established, and is very hardy and drought-tolerant.  All these are important to lawns in Texas.

So I laid some St. Augustine sod and then weeded as many dandelions as I could, then weeded the flower beds by the house.  Let’s just say my back is mad at me now and my forearms and hands are too tired to do an elaborate sketch for HOTD….

But it’s not too late for a quick Hat of the Day Sketch!  Woohoo!


Hat of the Day Sketch

Today’s HOTD is a quick pencil sketch that I was going to fill in with color but I liked it too much as is!  This is a wavy-brimmed straw hat with rose trim both on top and inside the brim.   The straw has a nice navy blue band woven in to the brim.  The illustration I copied is from a fashion plate from August 1901 entitled “Late Summer Millinery.”

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wavy brimmed straw hat, August 1901


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