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Hat of the Day – Charlotte hat from Watteau fashion plate, 1785

March 30, 2010

I love big, extravagant, romantic hats.  They tap into the little girl in me that wants to play dress up.  As a culture, we don’t dress up very often anymore.  Fifty years ago people dressed much more “smart” than we do today.  I’m not one to dress up often myself, being a practical person who works from home and only occasionally runs errands, and even less frequently goes out for recreational purposes.  I’m not about to put on makeup and a cute, coordinated outfit to run to the fabric store for supplies.  Unless I’m having lunch with friends, I’m in jeans and a t-shirt and that’s how I like it.

But it IS fun to dress up occasionally, probably even more so since I don’t do it often – it’s a special treat to have a good excuse to parade around like a peacock.  Admit it:  we all like to be noticed (and maybe even admired) occasionally.

So imagine yourself in this gorgeous, outrageous silk and lace Charlotte hat (named for Queen Charlotte of England) drawn by Watteau for the Galerie des Modes fashion plate of 1785.  It would fit over your rather large pompadour hairstyle and your Marlborough style robe.  Perhaps you would take tea in the garden with your girlfriends and then a stroll afterwards.  Lovely!

Charlotte hat, from a fashion plate originally by Watteau, 1785

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