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Back to Reality / Hat of the Day – September 1915 hat

March 23, 2010

You may have heard the phrase, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”  Well, that tends to be true.  And it applies to allergies, too.  Almost two weeks after my fateful lunch on the back porch that set my sinus infection in motion, I’m still not completely back to normal (insert “normal” joke here) but I am starting to get back into my routines.  So please forgive my fuzzy-headedness and let’s forge on with the next hat of the day.  I chose a simple little black number with clean lines and a great red rose accent.  I know it’s not a spring hat, but this hat would be classy no matter what time of year.  My favorite part is the wide sweep of the brim that isn’t perfectly round; that little angle on the upper right of the brim is just too tasty for words.

So here is today’s HOTD along with some well-wishes for a happy spring day with no evil allergens.  Fingers crossed.

black wide-brimmed hat with red rose and feather sprays, sash at chin, September 1915

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