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Springtime in Texas

March 16, 2010

Ah, the glory of springtime in North Texas.  The short-lived time of year when it’s not too cold, and not yet 105 degrees outside.  Unfortunately, with the beautiful weather comes a slate of horrible allergens that cause many Texans – myself included – to succumb to major sinus infections and bronchitis, both of which make you feel like you have the flu except without the fever and contagion.

That’s what happened to me last Tuesday.  I made the mistake of enjoying my lunch on the back porch in the lovely spring weather, then topped it off with sewing in my studio with the windows open.  By Tuesday evening I could tell that was a mistake.  By Sunday, I felt like death warmed over, despite my attempts to defeat the crud with over the counter meds.  So yesterday I bit the bullet and went to the doctor, got antibiotics, and rested all day.  Today I’m not back to 100% but am functioning better.  Now I need to force myself to stop working and just rest for the remainder of the day.

Anyway, HOTD will continue later this week once my eyes stop watering and I feel like a human being again.  In the meantime, be wary of gorgeous weather lest it trick you into getting sick!

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  1. March 22, 2010 2:23 pm

    The weather has done a number on me too — hope you’re on the mend!

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