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Hat of the Day Sketch – Moravian folkloric red scarf, ca. 2003

March 11, 2010

I love headscarves and headwraps.  I think pretty much anyone can wear them if you just have the right attitude (the same goes for hats).  But headscarves are so earthy and comfortable and versatile.  I’ve worn headscarves or some variation of them for at least 20 years.  Sometimes I wear them to cover my hair on days when I don’t feel like washing or styling my hair.  Sometimes I wear them just because I like the way they look on me – I have to wear them low on my forehead so they don’t slide off, but that style suits my large forehead and round face.  I love it when people (women and men) wear headscarves way back on their head so that part of their hair shows – I think that’s very cool – but my head shape denies me that look unless I use hair clips or bobby pins to hold my scarf on, which knocks a few cool points off my scarf-wearing self.

As you can guess, tonight’s HOTD is actually a scarf.  It’s a folkloric Moravian scarf in a brilliant crimson red with flower print and is part of the traditional dress known as kroje of some regions in the Czech Republic.  The red scarf was apparently influenced by Turkish dress and can be knotted, draped, or tied in intricate and precise ways.  I didn’t add color to my pen and ink sketch but you can use your imagination.

Moravian folkloric red headscarf, ca. 2003

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