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Apology and Hat of the Day Sketch – Plains Native war bonnet, 1995

March 4, 2010

First, an apology.  I try to do a post every weekday but sometimes the Fates have other plans for me.  Like pattern making.  And shipping hats that have sold (very important).  And even occasionally – very occasionally – house cleaning.  BUT I will continue to make my best effort to have a Hat of the Day Sketch up most weekdays and occasionally – very occasionally – even on weekends.  Hope you’re enjoying them.  I am.


Hat of the Day Sketch

Today’s sketch is of a ceremonial Plains Native war bonnet, ca. 1995.  I grew up very influenced by Native traditions and culture and still feel an affinity toward the first North Americans, particularly the Plains Natives.  I wore moccasins (without soles) for most of my childhood up to around age 14, and bought some back in 2008 so I could walk and feel that connection to the earth that I missed so much.  It’s a wonderful feeling, especially walking on grass – it’s like walking on clouds, unless you’re not paying attention and put the full force of your heel down on a rock.  That’ll teach you not to pay attention to the Earth.  There’s a metaphor there.  I won’t point it out.  🙂

I also love the costumes and the dances I’ve seen at the few pow-wows I’ve attended here in North Texas.  (Still need to get up to Oklahoma for the really big pow-wows….)  Anyway, this war bonnet was too striking and lovely to pass up.  (Is it wrong to describe a war bonnet as “lovely”?)

This one has a turquoise beaded headband with red and white striped bundles of fabric at the base of each eagle feather.  The eagle feathers are black and white and most have white circles attached to the end of the feathers with horse hair strands protruding from under the white circles.  I’m sure each part of the headdress has symbolic meaning but, unfortunately, I don’t know the meanings.  I can still appreciate the grandeur and complexity of this masterpiece and tried to capture its essence with India ink and a bamboo pen.

Plains Native war bonnet, ca. 1995

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  1. March 5, 2010 7:37 am

    Yes. Very much enjoying them. 🙂

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