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Hat of the Day Sketch – traditional Filipino Ifuago woman’s headdress, 1994

February 26, 2010

I love folkloric costumes.  Let me say it again.  I LOVE folkloric costumes.  From around the world.  All of em.  I think all cultures are so interesting – they’re diverse and similar at the same time, they celebrate the same things in different (and sometimes not so different) ways.  They’re colorful.  They’re frequently dance-centric.  What’s NOT to love about folkloric costumes??

So today’s Hat of the Day is a traditional woman’s headdress worn by a Filipino Ifuago woman…  and it’s in COLOR!  I warned you I would be introducing color and this one just had to have it.  I wanted to keep the drawing style loose and fun but show the colorful palette in this headdress.  I do apologize for the crappy lighting and cropping job, however…..

Anyway, enjoy!

traditional Filipino Ifuago headdress, 1994

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