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Own your hat, people!

August 24, 2009

I finally turned off the sewing machine long enough to create a blog for Millinerium.  Consider this a forum for sharing thoughts and providing info to document what I see as the gradual resurgence of hat popularity in mainstream society.

The idea of hats becoming common fashion accessories again thrills me, and not just because I’m a milliner (a women’s hatmaker).  I have loved hats and historical fashion since I could dress myself.  For most of history, hats and headcoverings have been at the very least expected by society, and at the most mandated by institutions.

I’m surprised to find how many people nowadays say, “Well, hats look great on you but I can’t wear them.”  This makes me sad because there are so many wonderful hats out there, an eclectic blend of classic styles and avant garde headwear to explore.  I strongly believe anyone can wear a hat, you just have to try on enough styles to find one that suits you.  The other secret to successful hat-wearing is this:  You have to own itOwn how your hat makes you look and feel. Expect attention from people!  It’s okay for people to notice your hat and the lovely head it adorns.  Don’t get me wrong; there will always be a place for purely utilitarian hats and even hats that help you not to stand out.  But a good hat is like a good haircut; it can make you feel exceptional!  Add their functionality and (unlike a good haircut) their reliability in making you look great day in, day out, and you’ve got no excuse not to have at least one fashion hat in your daily accessory wardrobe.  Let’s see your hair give you consistent style results every day – HA!  It’s a no-brainer that hats rule.

So for those of you hat wearers, try on a new style this week.  For those of you hat-shy people, give hats another go – but this time pretend you don’t know who you are and what you normally wear, play dress up, and shock people with your fabulous hat self!

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